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Location: Gnieżdżewo near Puck

Voivodeship: pomorskie

Commissioned: January 2007

Number of turbines: 11 (G87 2.0 MW) height of the tower: 78 m.

Total capacity of the facility: 22 MW

Operator: Dipol Sp. z o.o.

The Puck Wind Farm produces and supplies electric energy to a local energy distributor – Energa Operator. The Dipol company also has a contract with Polenergia SA for long-term sale of certificates of origin from RES (green certificates).

Operating wind farms

No.LocationPwr (MW)Start-upClients
222007Polenergia Obrót
2Modlikowice242012Polenergia Obrót
3Łukaszów342012Polenergia Obrót
4Gawłowice48,32014Polenergia Obrót
5Rajgród25,32014Polenergia Obrót
6Skurpie43,72015Polenergia Obrót
7Mycielin462015Polenergia Obrót
8Krzęcin62010Polenergia Obrót


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