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indeksu sWiG80 2018 roku

PV Sulechów

Location: Kruszyna, commune of Sulechów

Voivodeship: Lubuskie

Commissioning: October 2019

Total PV Farm power: 8 MWp

In 2018, the SPV that was deleloping PV Sulechow projects won the auction, and then in 2019 began construction of eight projects.
PV Sulechow Farms consists of eight photovoltaic farms, each with a capacity of 1MWp. The installations are located in Kruszyna, in the Sulechow commune in Lubuskie Woivodship. The total investment area is about 16.5 ha. The estimated total annual energy production will reach approx. 8200 MWh, which corresponds to energy consumption for about 4,000 buildings. It will also avoid the emission of around 8,000 thousand tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. The uptime of the installation is estimated at 25 years, which corresponds to cumulative production at the level of approx. 200,000 MWh.
Construction of PV Farms lasted from April to September 2019. PV farms obtained permit for use in October 2019, production of the first energy started in November. Energy production in the auction system since the beginning of 2020.  

The implementation of these and subsequent photovoltaic projects will enable producing clean energy without carbon dioxide emissions, which affect global warming. It will also increase the volume of electricity generated from the PV, which will provide greater energy security of the National Power System. The development of photovoltaic farms is an important direction for the development of renewable energy sources, which is implemented by Polenergia through the development of such projects. The development of new renewable energy sources is also the realization of the new Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy of the Group for the years 2019-2022.
From an environmental perspective, it is also important that apart from producing clean RES energy, the panels used during the project realization are covered by the PV Cycle certificate. That means that every worn-out or damaged panel will be 100% recycled (silicon, glass, aluminium). Solar and electric cables, as well as other technical infrastructure (inverters, LV / MV switchboards), will also be recycled.
Polenergia, when putting into operation the PV Farms, has also completed another project that contributes to supporting biodiversity and protecting pollinating insects. In April 2020, a flower meadow was sown, and an apiary consisting of 5 hives was mounted. Constructs built up from PV panels occupy about half of the entire area intended for the investment. Thus, 8 MW falls on around 16.5 hectares, half of which - due to technical reasons (row spacing, roads) remains unexploited. The unexploited areas were given back to nature. In this way, PV Farms not only produce green energy but also contribute to the improvement of the biodiversity in the monocultures of crops surrounding the PV Farms.

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