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Wind farms

Polenergia is a leading Polish company to invest in construction of wind farms. The Company has long experience in projects connected with generation of renewable energy implemented by an experienced team of experts.

Polenergia makes constant efforts to develop its portfolio of investments in the sector of renewable energy in Poland in order to become a significant player on the market. The onshore wind power plants of the company include facilities in the whole Poland with total capacity of 249,3 MW. Furthermore, the Company has 4 projects at an advanced stage of development: 2 projects under construction and 2 projects that won the auctions are being readied for the commencement of construction.

Polenergia offers trade balancing as well as trade and technical operator services for wind farms from outside the Capital Group. A complex portfolio management service is provided by Polenergia Obrót SA. "for more details"


Operating wind farms

No. Location Pwr (MW) Start-up Clients
1 Puck 22 2007 Polenergia Obrót
2 Modlikowice 24 2012 Polenergia Obrót
3 Łukaszów 34 2012 Polenergia Obrót
4 Gawłowice 48,3 2014 Polenergia Obrót
5 Rajgród 25,3 2014 Polenergia Obrót
6 Skurpie 43,7 2015 Polenergia Obrót
7 Mycielin 46 2015 Polenergia Obrót
8 Krzęcin 6 2010 Polenergia Obrót
  Total power (MW): 249,3