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Offshore Wind Farms

Polenergia is the leader in investments in offshore wind farms in Poland. Together with Equinor (former Statoil), it is implementing three facilities of this type on the Baltic Sea with a total capacity exceeding MW 3000. United forces and experience of Polenergia and Equinor guarantee construction of projects that will open up a new chapter in the history of Polish renewable energy and ensure new generation capacity that is extremely necessary in the electric energy system in the next years.

The Group, as the first entity in Poland, has two valid environmental decisions for construction of Bałtyk II Offshore Wind Farm (April 2017) and Bałtyk III Offshore Wind Farm (July 2016), along with a connection agreement and a valid environmental decision for construction of transmission infrastructure (March 2019). The third project, Bałtyk I Offshore Wind Farm, has a valid location permit and terms of connection from the transmission system operator.

With respect to the Bałtyk II and Bałtyk III projects, initial geological tests of the sea bed were already carried out and a two-year wind measurement campaign with the use of LIDAR system was completed. Thanks to very good wind conditions on the Baltic Sea that were confirmed, it will be possible to use energy more efficiently and to reduce exploitation of devices, which will make the offshore wind farms a stable source of renewable energy. The period of operation of offshore wind farms ranges from 25 - 30 years.

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Project Name
OWF Bałtyk IOWF Bałtyk IIOWF Bałtyk III
Actually planned capacity (MW)1560720720
Distance to the shore80 km37 km22 km
Net area128.5 km 2122 km 2116.6 km 2
Depth25-35 m23-41 m25-39 m
Average wind speed9-10 m/s9-10 m/s9-10 m/s