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indeksu sWiG80 2018 roku


application/pdf icon2021-11-18 Polenergia launches green energy offer for all individual customers
application/pdf icon2021-11-04 Polenergia To Invest in Edison Energia
application/pdf icon2021-10-21 Polenergia’s Green Generation Capacity Grows by 15%
application/pdf icon2021-06-09 Polenergia Supports the “Green Ribbon #ForthePlanet” Campaign
application/pdf icon2021-05-18 Polenergia's Revenues Up By 39%
application/pdf icon2021-05-04 MFW Bałtyk II and MFW Bałtyk III projects to receive investment aid
application/pdf icon2021-03-30 Polenergia grows in wind segment and retains high results
application/pdf icon2020-12-18 All submitted Polenergia projects won the RES auctions
application/pdf icon2020-11-05 Stabilising Polenergia performance
application/pdf icon2020-09-11 Polenergia: A Partner of United Nations Global Compact
application/pdf icon2020-08-12 Significant improvement of Polenergia’s results
application/pdf icon2020-06-29 Polenergia and Siemens Energy signed a letter of intent on development of co-generation and hydrogen technologies
application/pdf icon2020-06-05 Polenergia With Its First Own Photovoltaic Apiary
application/pdf icon2020-05-18 Polenergia unveils a new strategy and reports improved financial performance
application/pdf icon2020-03-09 Polenergia’s Record Year
application/pdf icon2019-12-20 Polenergia’s Wind Auction Success
application/pdf icon2019-12-10 Polenergia and Equinor to Jointly Implement Bałtyk I Offshore Wind Farm Project
application/pdf icon2019-11-15 High Wind Farm Production Boosts Polenergia Results
application/pdf icon2019-08-13 Wind drives Polenergia results
application/pdf icon2019-05-15 Strong increase of Polenergia's profit in the first quarter of 2019
application/pdf icon2019-11-08 Polenergia To Launch Collaboration with Gdańsk University of
application/pdf icon2019-04-16 Polenergia presents new Corporate Social Responsibility strategy
application/pdf icon2019-03-21 Polenergia as best company in 2018 according to sWIG80 index
application/pdf icon2019-03-04 Significant improvement of Polenergia’s annual results in 2018
application/pdf icon2019-01-23 Mr. Michał Michalski as the President of the Management Board of Polenergia
application/pdf icon2018-12-20 Polenergia plans implementation of the third wind power plant project on the Baltic Sea
application/pdf icon2018-11-14 Third quarter of 2018 as time of significant improvement of Polenergia results
application/pdf icon2018-08-08 Lack of market stabilization reduces the results of Polenergia
application/pdf icon2018-08-08 Two new members of Polenergia Management Board
application/pdf icon2018-05-22 Polenergia finalized agreement with Equinor
application/pdf icon2018-05-16 First quarter of 2018 as time of Polenergia growing revenues
application/pdf icon2018-02-20 Record energy production of Polenergia wind farms
application/pdf icon2018-03-05 Polenergia and Statoil intend to construct wind farms in the Baltic Sea
application/pdf icon2017-11-08 Third quarter with oustanding productivity of Polenergia wind farms
application/pdf icon2017-08-10 Polenergia effectively reduces costs in the background of increasing productivity
application/pdf icon2017-07-12 Polenergia partner of the United Nations Program "Together for the Environment"
application/pdf icon2017-06-08 Prestigious award "Platynowy Megawat” of 2016 for Marcin Gwarda from Polenergia Obrót
application/pdf icon2017-04-25 Polenergia obtained second environmental decision for construction of Baltic Sea wind farm
application/pdf icon2017-05-11 Polenergia still optimizes costs and reaches PLN 710 million in sales revenues
application/pdf icon2017-02-16 Stable results of Polenergia in 2016
application/pdf icon2016-12-02 Polenergia expands its distribution and customer base
application/pdf icon2016-11-08 Polenergia with an environmental decision for the first Polish offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea
application/pdf icon2016-08-03 Polenergia obtains Poland’s first environmental permit for Offshore Wind Farms
application/pdf icon2016-08-10 Polenergia’s EBIDTA growth in the first half-year of 2016
application/pdf icon2016-05-11 Profit of Polenergia in the first quarter of 2016 is up by 35 percent
application/pdf icon2015-12-01 Trigon issued a buy recommendation at a price of PLN 44 per share
application/pdf icon2014-11-26 Comment to the message of Tauron Polska Energia PL
application/pdf icon2015-11-05 Profit of Polenergia up strongly again
application/pdf icon2015-08-11 Polenergia maintains strong growth rate
application/pdf icon2014-05-29 CEE Energy Awards
application/pdf icon2015-05-12 Polenergia 75 percent profit growth in first quarter 2015