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Conventional generation

One of strategic objectives of Polenergia is satisfying the country’s long-term demand for energy. Further economic growth of Poland is inseparably combined with uninterrupted access to energy sources and ongoing increase of demand for electric energy. Thus, it is necessary to further invest in new sources of generation. However, due to high degree of unpredictability, renewable energy sources cannot be the only source of electric energy. It must be supported and complemented (e.g. if it is impossible to generate energy from wind due to weather conditions) by conventional sources. Connection of power plants based on conventional fuels to the grid provides a possibility of connecting and balancing additional RES.

The Polenergia Group has been investing not only in energy obtained from biomass and wind, it also has a portfolio of gas-fired and coke-oven-fired plants. Modern and high-performance gas-fired plants are indispensable components of the National Energy System and guarantee each consumer access to electricity even on windless and cloudy days.