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indeksu sWiG80 2018 roku

PV Buk 1

Location: Wielka Wieś, commune of Buk

Voivodeship: wielkopolskie

Total PV Farm power: 6.44 MWp


On 26 November 2020, based on the announcement about the auction of 1 October 2020, the auction for sale of electricity from renewable sources, AZ/7/2020, was held. All projects submitted by Polenergia S.A. won this year’s RES auctions for new photovoltaic plants. 15-year support will go to the PV project portfolio: Sulechów 2, Sulechów 3 and Buk 1 with a total capacity of 28 MW.

The Buk I photovoltaic plant project is implemented by SPV Polenergia Farma Wiatrowa Rudniki Sp. z o.o. Buk 1 will be located on plots 409/1, 411/ 2, 729, 732, 733/1, 733/2, 734/1 in the district of the Wielka Wieś village, in the Buk gmina, in the Zielona Góra poviat in the Wielkopolskie Province. The Buk 1 photovoltaic plant will comprise seven photovoltaic farms with a capacity up to 1 MW each with the necessary technical infrastructure. The total capacity of wind farms will be 6.44 MWp.

The environmental impact assessment procedure for Buk I was carried out by the competent authority, namely the Mayor of Gmina and City of Sulechów. No necessity of carrying out environmental impact assessment for the planned project was determined. During the environmental impact assessment procedure, the State Sanitary Inspector, the State Water Holding “Wody Polskie” and the Regional Environmental Protection Directorate in Poznań were consulted, in line with the requirements of the environmental protection law. The procedure also allowed for the participation of stakeholders. The procedure ended with issue of a decision on environmental constraints (document No. IP.6220.24.2018 on 28 November 2018), permitting the construction and assembly of nine photovoltaic farms with a capacity up to 1 MW each with the necessary technical infrastructure, with the staging of works. Building permit has also been obtained for the project.

Scheduled start of the construction work is August 2021.

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