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Polenergia Group systematically strives for sustainable development and in its operations it takes into account the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
Our goal is to maximize our positive impact on society and environment and to minimize the negative one. When making business decisions, we aim at maintaining a balance between achieving good results, customer expectations, protection of natural resources as well as social interests.
Therefore, we are glad to announce that the works on a new strategy of Corporate Social Responsibility of Polenergia Group have come to an end. The strategy covers the years 2019–2022 and it is a continuation of the existing activities in the field of sustainable development. The new CSR strategy was created as a result of a broad dialogue with all interested parties: both employees and shareholders of Polenergia Group, suppliers, financing institutions, administrative bodies and local communities.
Our Social Responsibility strategy is closely related to the company's business strategy and it refers to the global Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. It contains four key areas of our responsibility, 15 goals and 32 tasks to complete within four years.
Please find attached a summary of the most important areas of the Group's operations divided into four key areas, i.e.:
- ethical business conduct;
- environmental protection;
- security and development of employees;
- strengthening relationships with customers and communities for and among whom we operate.

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