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The Szymankowo Wind Farm is performed by SPV Polenergia Farma Wiatrowa Szymankowo Sp. z o.o.
The Szymankowo Wind Farm is located in the Malbork poviat, in the Miłoradz gmina in an area delimited by the following locations: Gnojewo (from the north), Stara Kościelnica (from the east), Miłoradz (from the south east) and Bystrze (from the west).

In 2015, the environmental impact assessment procedure carried out by a competent authority, i.e. Commune Head of Miłoradz was completed for the Szymankowo Wind Farm project. During the procedure, the State Sanitary Inspector and the Regional Environmental Protection Directorate were consulted, in line with the requirements of the environmental protection law. The procedure also allowed for the participation of stakeholders. It ended with issue of a decision on environmental constraints permitting the construction of up to twenty wind turbines and the required infrastructure. The project also received a permit for the construction of twenty wind turbines along with the accompanying infrastructure. Eventually, the company decided to build only eleven out of twenty turbines for which it received permits.

The capacity of individual Gamesa G132-3.45 MW wind turbines will amount to 3.45 MW. The parameters of the wind turbines will be as follows:
•    hub height: 134 m;
•    propeller diameter: 132 m.

The total installed capacity of the wind farm will be 38.115 MW.

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