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The Kostomłoty Wind Farm will be carried out by SPV Polenergia Farma Wiatrowa Dębice/ Kostomłoty Sp. z o.o. and will be located in the area of the Kostomłoty gmina, in the Średa poviat, in the Dolnośląskie Province, in southern Poland.

The environmental impact assessment procedure ended in July 2013 with issue of environmental decision (document No. RITGNROŚGP.6220.2.21.2013.TB). At the Company’s request, the number of turbines was reduced to nine. In 2016, the Kostomłoty Wind Farm received a permit for the construction of nine turbines, the main substation (MES), underground infrastructure of electric power and control cables, access roads to individual turbines and assembly yards. The construction permits were changed in 2016, 2017 and 2018 in order to reflect the finally selected wind turbines and other minor changes.

The project comprises construction of nine turbines, which will be located in an area designated by villages Bogdanów, Godków (south-western corner), Paździorno (eastern corner), Piotrowice (north-eastern corner) and Wichrów (north-western corner). In line with the construction permit (amended in 2018), the capacity of individual Vestas V136 wind turbines will amount to 3 MW (please note that the nominal capacity of the turbine is 3.45 MW, yet the producer will reduce it to 3 MW). The parameters of the wind turbines will be as follows:
•    hub height: 122 m;
•    propeller diameter: 136 m.

The total installed capacity of the wind farm will be 27 MW.


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